Saturday, January 16, 2010

the beginning...

When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease, I entered a week-long slump of barely eating because I could not figure out what I could eat without getting sick. It was a bit melodramatic and did not last long. Thankfully, my family and friends offered a lot of support and I was soon cooking and eating better than I had in months.

After testing out my new cooking skills on friends, I was encouraged to write a blog. But who would read it? Who really cares? How will it stand out in an internet filled with blogs? I put it off but after posting a few photos on facebook, requests came in for the recipes to match the pictures. The blog idea was reborn. But I put it off until last week, at a fabulous Italian dinner party with homemade pasta (I brought my own corn pasta), encouragement came from strangers and I was finally pushed over the edge.

So here it is Fabulous Gluten Free. The title is inspired by one of my favourite television character's excessive use of the word 'fabulous' as she stumbles through love, dating and writing in New York City. I figure what better way to stumble through learning and re-learning to cook, bake and eat gluten free.

The site is also conscious of budget. A lot of gluten free products (who am I kidding? all gluten free products) are significantly more expensive than their gluten counterparts. I have some gluten free blogs that I loyally follow but wanted to include the budget savvy element here. We all want to eat well and it is possible without breaking the bank.

I hope you enjoy the food!

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